Spring Festival 2018

Chinese New Year 2018
Chinese New Year is usually celebrated in this period, as tradition.
Celebrations last two weeks and there are events all over the country.
On this occasion, GrossoShop will follow below schedule:
24h shipments will regularly continue
24h shipment orders will be regularly shipped and delivered within 24-48 hours, except for Saturdays and Sundays.
Here you can find 24H Shipping products' category
EU shipments will been temporarily suspended
All orders shipped via EU shipping method, and placed from February 9th to 25th, will be processed and shipped from February 26th onward.
Customer service regularly works
Our customer service is active, both pre-sale and post-sale service.
Offers and promotions double during Chinese New Year!
Follow us on our Facebook page and on our Telegram channel because from the 9th until the end of the Chinese New Year Holiday there will be lots of offers and promotions for both 24h products (which are regularly shipped) and for EU products (shipped from February 26th onward).
Happy Chinese New Year from GrossoShop Team!