Warranty & Support

Warranty and support

Warranty duration
Warranty costs
Warranty methods
Warranty process
Repairing times for issues covered by warranty
Kinds of repairable damages


Warranty duration
Warranty lasts 24 months.
Most of Chinese smartphones’ producers offer 12 month-warranty.
The additional 12 months are offered by GrossoShop, as seller.


Warranty costs
The procedure of repair/analysis of the problem implies the payment of an amount which can vary according to the customer’s country.


Warranty methods
In case of factory’s fault, it’s necessary to contact our warranty support by telling us:
Order number
Brand and model of the device
IMEI code of the device

During the 24 months, in case of defect, the device will be picked up by one of our partner couriers. The device will be checked by a partner service centre, then GrossoShop will go on by sending the device to the official repair centre of the brand.
Shipping costs to China, in this case, are GrossoShop’s responsibility. The shipping will be done via express courier in order to reduce shipping times to the minimum.


Warranty process
In case of defect, the device will be picked up by the courier at the address provided by the customer. After the pickup, the device will be delivered to GrossoShop’s partner service centre which will do a first defect analysis by testing it. Then, the centre will check the possibility to repair the device by themselves or - as an alternative - the device will be sent to the official repair centre in China. There, the official repair centre will repair the phone and will unquestionably consider if the damage is due to a wrong use or to a factory fault.
According to this evaluation by the official repair centre, the repair will be done under warranty or not. In this latter case, the repair may imply additional costs and an estimate will be sent to the customer. In case the customer accepts, the device will be repaired. If the estimated is rejected by the customer, the smartphone will be sent back unrepaired.


Repairing times for issues covered by warranty
The necessary times for a warranty procedure vary from a minimum of 15 days to a maximum of 90 days. This varies according to several reasons.
If the repair can be done directly at the partner service centre, times are shorter. If it can be done just by the official repair centre, times can overcome the 90 working days.
NOTE: in order to offer a good service, if the repair overcomes the 120 working days from the pickup date, GrossoShop guarantees the issuing of a coupon code of the same amount paid by the client, which must be used within 15 days from the date of the issuing. During the 120 working days, no replacement nor coupon code can be done. It’s mandatory to wait for the necessary times.


Kinds of defects repairable by the partner service centre
Software problems
Almost any kind of software issues, which can restore potential device’s bricks.

Hardware problems
Charger connector replacement
Microphone replacement
Speaker replacement
Display replacement (if it is due to strikes)

Different defects from the above mentioned ones will have to be restored at the official repair centers in order to guarantee a ultimate and complete solution.

Defects for free accessories
For possible breaks or defects of the free accessories (those GrossoShop sends as free gifts) there is no warranty nor replacement at all.