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These Terms and Conditions of Sale exclusively regulate the contractual relations between customers of GrosshoShop.net website (hereafter referred to as “Customers”) and the seller GrossoShop.net (Shineful Corporation Limited). These General Conditions are the only ones which can be applied and they replace all other conditions, except for the case of  declared or written consent. GrosshoShop.net may be obliged to modify some of the present dispositions; customers are therefore advised to read the Terms and Conditions whenever they visit GrossoShop.net website. Each purchase on GrossoShop.net website is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale valid at the date of order. GrossoShop.net hopes that, once the order is validated, Customers have already read and accepted without any reserve the Terms and Conditions of sale. Customers agree to respect the Terms and Conditions and the detailed Conditions of Use on the same. Before sending any any item for return, please read the following instructions. For further information or queries, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.  Make sure you understand and follow our rules and policies for return before sending the item. 


Payment methods
The only payment method accepted by GrossoShop is PayPal. It is the easiest, safest and fastest payment method for on-line purchases. PayPal protects both buyers and sellers.


Shipping methods and delivery times

GrossoShop relies on several couriers chosen according to some criteria such as reliability and fast delivery. According to the destination and country and to the warehouse from which the order is shipped, we offer the following shipping methods:

DHL China

Express Shipment

24-hour Shipment


Below you can find details about each of the above-mentioned methods:





Every product of the 24h shipment category is delivered within 24-48 hours from the moment you pay.


How can I see 24h shipment category’s products?

You can find all the products in this category:

All these products have a label indicating: 24h shipment


Are there any customs fees for the 24h shipment?

No, there aren’t any customs fees, 100% guaranteed.


How much is this shipping method?

Prices depend on the destination country


Is this shipping method traceable?

Yes, you will get the tracking number as soon as the parcel is shipped.







Orders placed with Express Shipment will be delivered within 8-10 working days.


How can I see which products come with Express Shipment?

Every product on our website can be shipped via Express Shipment, except for those included in 24h shipment category.


Are there any customs fees to pay for Express Shipment?

There will not be any customs fees to pay at all.


How much is Expres Shipment?

Its price varies according to the destination country. You can check it by adding a product to cart and then select the shipping method once you are at the checkout phase.


Can I follow my Express Shipment order?

Yes, you can.

You will get your tracking number within five days after the payment.

The number will be visible after 2-3 days.

We kindly ask you to be patient because you will be able to see updates of the tracking number, just when the parcel reaches your country. Hence, there is nothing to worry about.






All items which benefit from this kind of shipment are delivered within 4-5 days from the moment you pay.


How can I see DHL Express category’s products?

Every item in our shop, except for Xiaomi International Versions, can be shipped with this method


Are there any customs fees for the 24h shipment?

Yes, there may be customs fees to pay when the order is delivered


In case I get customs fees, shall I be refunded?

No, you cannot get a refund in any case.

Previously we used to refund customs fees, but today we offer different shipping methods with no customs risks, so we don’t issue any refund.

We kindly advise you to choose EU shipment, or 24h shipment, if you don’t want to get any customs fees to pay.


How much is this shipping method?

Prices depend on the destination country


Is this shipping method traceable?

Yes, you will get the tracking number 2-3 days after the payment.


Orders’ handling times
From the moment in which the order is placed to the moment in which the parcel is given to the selected courier, we have maximum 3-4 working days to process the order. 


Shipping and delivery times
After the order is processed and given to the selected courier, shipping and delivery times vary accordingly:

DHL China: 3-4 working days

Express Shipment: 8-10 working days

24-hour Shipment: 1-2 days


Track orders
Any selected courier will allow customers to track their orders. All of our shipments are traceable and the tracking code is sent via email within 24 hours after GrossoShop gives parcels to couriers.



Customs duties can be applied just in case of orders from Chinese warehouse, using DHL China. According to the shipments of the last 12 months, just the 3% of them got customs duties to pay. The 97% has been successfully delivered with no additional costs.

In case of European shipments, the percentage rises to 100%. In fact, using the Shipping from Europe, no customs duties will be applied at all, because this courier relies on a series of logistic centers in Europe.
In case customers choose DHL China and they get customs fees, GrossoShop is not responsible for them and does not issue any refund.


Warranty and support

Warranty duration
Warranty lasts 24 months.
Most of Chinese smartphones’ producers offer 12 month-warranty.
The additional 12 months are offered by GrossoShop, as seller.


Warranty costs
The procedure of repair/analysis of the problem implies the payment of an amount which can vary according to the customer’s country.


Warranty methods
In case of factory’s fault, it’s necessary to contact our warranty support by telling us:

  • Order number
  • Defect
  • Brand and model of the device
  • IMEI code of the device

During the 24 months, in case of defect, the device will be picked up by one of our partner couriers. The device will be checked by a partner service centre, then GrossoShop will go on by sending the device to the official repair centre of the brand.
Shipping costs to China, in this case, are GrossoShop’s responsibility. The shipping will be done via express courier in order to reduce shipping times to the minimum.


Warranty process
In case of defect, the device will be picked up by the courier at the address provided by the customer. After the pickup, the device will be delivered to GrossoShop’s partner service centre which will do a first defect analysis by testing it. Then, the centre will check the possibility to repair the device by themselves or - as an alternative - the device will be sent to the official repair centre in China. There, the official repair centre will repair the phone and will unquestionably consider if the damage is due to a wrong use or to a factory fault.
According to this evaluation by the official repair centre, the repair will be done under warranty or not. In this latter case, the repair may imply additional costs and an estimate will be sent to the customer. In case the customer accepts, the device will be repaired. If the estimated is rejected by the customer, the smartphone will be sent back unrepaired.


Repairing times for issues covered by warranty
The necessary times for a warranty procedure vary from a minimum of 15 days to a maximum of 90 days. This varies according to several reasons.
If the repair can be done directly at the partner service centre, times are shorter. If it can be done just by the official repair centre, times can overcome the 90 working days.
NOTE: in order to offer a good service, if the repair overcomes the 120 working days from the pickup date, GrossoShop guarantees the issuing of a coupon code of the same amount paid by the client, which must be used within 15 days from the date of the issuing. During the 120 working days, no replacement nor coupon code can be done. It’s mandatory to wait for the necessary times.


Kinds of defects repairable by the partner service centre
Software problems
Almost any kind of software issues, which can restore potential device’s bricks.

Hardware problems
Charger connector replacement
Microphone replacement
Speaker replacement
Display replacement (if it is due to strikes)

Different defects from the above mentioned ones will have to be restored at the official repair centers in order to guarantee a ultimate and complete solution.


Defects for free accessories
For possible breaks or defects of the free accessories (those GrossoShop sends as free gifts) there is no warranty nor replacement at all.


Return policy

Return times
The customer will be able to return the goods within 14 days from the delivery date.
The reasons for a return can vary but our policy does not allow - in any case - that the product is used or tested and then returned to the seller. If the product does not match the customer’s expectations, he/she does not have to use it and has to ask for a return in a very short time.


Return costs
Our policy considers the refund of the order without the shipping costs paid during the purchase and with the charge of the goods’ pickup up foreseen in the return procedure.
The product must be returned as brand-new with no use or wear signs, both for the device itself and for the box and its accessories. Any sign detected will be judged and the amount will be deducted from the final refund.


Return method
In case of return, the customer will have to contact info@grossoshop.net by indicating the reason for the return. The pickup of the device will be arranged and then, after the delivery of the item at the logistic centre, everything will be checked and the refund (without shipping fees and with the charge of pickup costs) will be done.


Return and refund times
As explained in the above mentioned procedure, after the pickup arranged with one of GrossoShop’s operators, the refund will be issued within 5-7 working days.



DOA: Times
In case of DOA (Dead On Arrival), that is the product is delivered with a factory defect (this is a very low percentage during the last 12 months), the customer has to contact us within 7 days after the delivery. Beyond this time, the product will not be considered DOA anymore but it will have to go on with the usual warranty procedure.


DOA: costs
There are no additional costs for the customer. If the warning is done within 7 days after the delivery, the device will be picked up and a coupon of the same amount spent by the customer will be issued.


DOA: the way it works
In case of DOA, the customer will have to contact our warranty department within 7 days after the delivery, by specifying:

  • Order number
  • Defect
  • Product
  • IMEI

Within 24-48 hours, an operator will handle the DOA case and - after having checked the defect - the pickup will be arranged.
After the partner service centre gets and checks the product, if the defect is detected, the refund - or the issuing of the coupon - will be done within 5-7 working days.


DOA: solutions
In case of DOA within 7 days after the delivery, After the partner service centre gets and checks the product, if the defect is detected, the refund - or the issuing of the coupon - will be done within 5-7 working days with no additional costs for the customer.


Technical information
The technical information included in GrossoShop.net website derive from the information advertised by the producers of the goods included in our catalogue. GrossoShop.net, therefore, reserves the right to change or adapt the technical  and dimensional information of the catalogued items, depending on what the producers will communicate, even without any kind of notice. Any kind of use of this website is regulated by policies, terms and conditions shown below.  Your acceptance of these Terms and conditions is necessary to use this website, to buy the goods or to subscribe our publications.


The features of our products are shown in the online catalogue. When the Customer purchases, this means that he/she has already read them. The images of the products are suggestive and only aim to represent the item. Colours may not be faithful to what the monitor reproduces. The external appearance may differ from what the picture of the product shows, for instance this may happen when producers decide to update packaging or the graphics of the item.

The shipping of products from European logistic centre is free just for Italy, if your destination country is not Italy, in order to know how much is the shipping to your country you can write email to info@grossoshop.net.


Cancelling order
If an order is cancelled before GrossoShop.net sends out your product (this means that the courier hasn't been given the parcel yet) you will be totally refunded  without any tax implementation. Hence, if you have order cancellation requests, you have to send and email to info@grossoshop.net in order to get confirmation about the possibility to cancel your order.


Disputes and responsibilites
GrossoShop.net will in no case be held responsible for the non-conclusion  of the contract for causes of force majeure, such as those defined by Hong Kong courts, the responsibility of the customer or of third parties. We remind and suggest you to safeguard the data included in the purchased products. GrosshoShop.net will not be held responsible for the damages resulting from the misuse of the products sold on the website.


Law of Competent forum
These Terms and Conditions and the relations between GrossoShop.net (Shineful Corporation Limited) and the Customer are regulated by Hong Kong Law. Any dispute regarding, resulting or linked to these Terms and General Conditions of Contract will be referred to the Competent Court of the legal head office of Shineful Corporation Limited, that is to say Hong Kong Court, notwithstanding with the current regulations. 


Trademark and Copyrights
All the texts, graphics, pictures or other images, icons, audio clips, logos, slogans, trademarks or software and other contents of GrossoShop.net website (collectively “contents”) exclusively belong to GrossoShop.net or to its relative suppliers and they cannot be used, copied, limited, changed, shown, published, sold, publicly represented, distributed or commercially exploited, collectively or individually, without the prior written permission of GrossoShop.net or of the trademark owner.  It is impossible to use meta-tags or any other “hidden text” using a name, a trademark, or a product or the service name without the prior written permission of GrossoShop.net. Moreover, the style of the website, including all pages, graphics, icons and scripts, represents the factory mark of GrossoShop.net which cannot be copied, imitated or used (in whole or in part) without the prior written permission of GrossoShop.net. Any reference to products, services, processes or other information via trademark or other, which is not nor implies approval, sponsor or warning is reserved by GrossoShop.net. All the rights not explicitly admitted are reserved by GrossoShop.net. Lawbreakers will be persecuted in the full extent of the law.


Copyrights of Content
All members of GrossoShop.net are allowed to post messages, texts, files, images, pictures or other materials while inserting a review. Anything posted on grossoShop.net is and will be used as non-confidential and non-proprietary, and sending or posting, you will agree to allow GrossoShop.net the entrance and all the IP rights linked to this (except for moral rights such as: writing rights) and, moreover, grossoShop.net as the irrevocable,  continual and transferable right to translate, change, reverse or dampen these presentations. Moreover, all the presentations posted on, transmitted through or linked to the service, are responsibility of the person who created them. What counts more, you are completely responsible for the single items of the contents you create, send via email o make available via the service. GrossoShop.net does not control nor is responsible for the contents made available via the service, that is why you could be exposed to offensive, indecent, unpleasant contents. Besides, GrossoShop.net website and the available contents may include links to other sites, independent from GrossoShop.net. 


Acceptance of orders
The payment terms are at GrossoShop.net’s complete discretion. Payment has to be received by GrossoShop.net (Shineful Corporation Limited) before the acceptance of an order. GrossoShop.net is not responsible for pricing, typographical mistakes or of any other kind in the website’s offers and it has the right to cancel every kind of order resulting from these mistakes.


Third party Links
GrossoShop.net may contain links to third party websites which belong to or are ruled by third parties. You acknowledge that GrossoShop.net is not responsible for the operation or for the content of these websites. If you decide to access to any of this third party websites whose links are shown on GrossoShop.net, you do this entirely at your own risk.


About modifications
GrossoShop.net reserves the right to change or modify any of these Terms and Conditions included in this section of the website, or any policy of the website, any time and at its  discretion. If GrossoShop.net decides to change these Terms and Conditions or the policy of the website, it will publish a new version on the website, updating the date above. Any change or modification to these Terms will be valid since the moment of the publication of the new version. Your continuous use of the site subsequent to the publication of changes and modifications represents your acceptance of these changes and modifications.